Maine summers are legendary for all kinds of reasons. We have some of the best summer restaurants around, with arguably the best seafood and lobster in the country. We have tons of gorgeous beaches, hikable mountains, and undeveloped land left as pristine nature. We also have one of the best beer scenes in the world, including Brickyard Hollow and their excellent brews! Our beer and pizza go with just about any adventure. Picnic in a park or at the beach without having to do any prep! Just make sure you carry away your trash and recycle your cans. Let’s keep Maine beautiful! Keep reading to find out how you can improve your Maine summer experience with Brickyard Hollow.

Enjoying Brickyard Hollow BeerCamping With Brickyard

No one in the country can compete with camping during a Maine summer. When you think of Maine camping, you picture a toasty fire, catching up with family and friends, and enjoying the fresh air. Of course, your trip wouldn’t be complete without your favorite beer! Brickyard Hollow cans are the perfect addition to your night, and with so many different options, there is a brew for everyone. 

One noteworthy campsite is Winslow Memorial Park in Freeport. This spot has 100 campsites and wooded trails with views of the Harbor and Casco Bay! Don’t feel like grilling? Grab a craft pizza and some canned brews from our Freeport location before you head out for a delicious and easy meal. The next time you are camping in the beautiful Maine wilderness, add Brickyard to make your trip unforgettable.

Take Brickyard on a Sunset Cruise

Maine is known for some of the most gorgeous coastal towns and cities. A boat tour on Casco Bay in Portland is the perfect way to enjoy the ocean. We recommend Whiptail Adventures for a scenic harbor tour or Rocky Bottom Fisheries for an interactive lobster demo or private charter. Both of these experiences are BYOB, and that’s where Brickyard comes in. Before you get on the boat, check out our Portland location to pick up cans to go. Then, you can sit back and relax as you slip through the cool Maine waters. When you return from your ocean adventure, come back for some delicious craft pizza and the quintessential Portland vibe. 

Hiking with Brickyard HollowHiking through Maine Summers With Brickyard 

That feeling when you finally reach the peak of the mountain after a long hike is incomparable. Imagine Hiking to the top of a mountain and celebrating with your favorite brew! Take Brickyard beer on your next hike and make an already-great moment into something unforgettable. Stop by one of our locations or one of the many locations that carry our beer throughout Maine, then head to the mountains. Brickyard Hollow brews pair well with the stunning Maine views. 

Brickyard On A Maine Summer’s Picnic 

Vacationland is home to many beautiful state parks and public recreation areas that are perfect for a picnic in the sunshine. A Maine summer favorite is Wolfe’s Neck State Park in Freeport. They have plenty of parking, public picnic areas, and awesome trails with great views of the ocean. Why worry about grilling or packing a messy and complicated meal? Make your next picnic easy and hassle-free by ordering a few yummy craft pizzas from our nearby Freeport location. 

Brickyard At The Beach

Nothing says summer like a beach day, especially on the incredible coast of Maine. Of course, you’ll need to bring tasty snacks to refuel throughout the day! Take along a tasty pizza from our Yarmouth location, then head to Broad Cove Reserve in Cumberland for a lovely, quiet beach experience. Broad Cove Reserve also has hiking and walking trails around the perimeter. 

We hope you’re inspired to upgrade your Maine summers from great to unforgettable! You can pick up Brickyard Hollow’s canned brews in-house at our locations or at one of the many locations throughout Maine that carry our beer. Contact your nearest Brickyard to pick up a four-pack or a great pizza today.