It’s that time of year again, the leaves are about to change, and the seasonal beer flavors are coming! Fall in Maine is truly something to behold. With the kids back in school, the leaves changing colors, and the weather cooling down, our favorite summer brews give way to autumn flavors.

Just like the weather changes with the seasons, so do our taste buds. As a beer drinker, chances are you tend to pick different brews based on the time of year. For example, the next time you’re at your local Brickyard Hollow, you may choose to swap your favorite pilsner for a brown ale. Luckily, we always have plenty of options! The craft beer movement in Maine has allowed breweries like Brickyard Hollow to showcase their creativity through unique and seasonal beers that taste the best based on the weather. 

How does Brickyard know what you’re craving? And what makes a beer seasonal? In this blog, you learn everything you need to know about beer through the seasons. 

Seasonal Beer in Maine What Makes A Beer Seasonal?

Seasonal beers are usually brewed for or during a certain season or holiday. Before electricity was as advanced as it is today, certain beers could only be brewed during certain times of year because of weather and ingredient availability. With today’s technology, traditionally seasonal beers can be crafted at any time of the year. 

A seasonal brew can be based on the structure of the beer itself. For example, summer beers are crisp and light, winter beers are dark and rich, and spring and fall beers fall somewhere in between. Other beers use flavors from the seasons we experience, such as pumpkin beers for fall, citrus brews in the summer, and floral notes for spring. 

Seasonal beers have unique characteristics that set them apart. Color, flavor, spice, ingredients, and even tradition all play a role in creating seasonal brews. 

What are the different seasonal beer styles?

All seasonal beers are attempts to match our beverages to the changing weather, but what does this mean for each season? Let’s find out!

Winter Ales & Beers

We want a beer that will keep us warm during the cold winter months. Winter beers are usually dark, rich, and full-bodied. Winter beers are typically big and bold-made to withstand temperatures and bring people together. Holiday beers, also known as winter warmers, usually include flavors and spices that remind us of the holiday season.

Some winter beer styles and flavors include stouts, porters, imperials, bocks, dark ales, chocolate, coffee, and bourbon.

Spring Beers & Ales

Even though the weather is still a little chilly, spring beers are typically on the lighter side as we look forward to the promise of warmer days ahead. Spring beers usually focus on a drier and crisper style than winter beer. Spring is also the start of the new hop season, so many brewers use this as an opportunity to add some fresh hops to their brews. 

Some common spring beer styles and flavors include blonde ales, Irish ales, Belgian wit, wheat beers, fruit beers, fresh hops, pine, and floral notes. 

Summer Beers & Ales

Hot summer days are perfect for light and drinkable brews to sip in the sunshine. Summer beers are commonly crisp and refreshing with lower alcohol content, but they can be any style as long as they can keep you from ever wanting to go back inside! They range from light and fruity to hoppy and complex. 

Typical summer styles and flavors include pilsners, IPAs and DIPAs, Session IPAs, kölsches, sours, citrus, and fruit. 

Fall Beer s& Ales

Fall beers tend to get heavier as the weather gets cooler. Designed to warm you up on a brisk autumn day, These seasonal beers are usually the most sought-after and incorporate seasonal spices like pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple. 

Some popular fall beer styles include Oktoberfest, harvest IPAs, pumpkin ales, amber lagers, and brown ales. 

Brickyard Hollow food menus: The perfect match for your seasonal beer 

Just like your taste in beer changes with the seasons, so does your taste in food. Brickyard Hollow incorporates fresh, local, and seasonally ingredients into our menus, so you can always find the perfect meal to pair with your local craft brew. Whether you’re craving a craft pizza, a protein-packed power bowl, or a Maine lobster roll, our menus offer something for everyone. 

No matter the weather, Brickyard Hollow brews are always in season! Our extensive beer list offers a variety of brews to suit just about every palate. Visit one of our five locations throughout southern Maine to sit down and enjoy a local craft beer and delicious food using local ingredients. In a hurry or on your way to a destination? Stop by one of our locations and grab a growler or 4-pack and a craft pizza to go! You can also pick up cans at one of the many locations throughout Maine that carry our beer.

Our draft and can availability change often as we shift our offerings to new releases and seasonal beers, and we sell out of some brews, so please contact a location for the current lineup.