Brickyard Hollow Brewing Co. Catering

Brickyard Hollow tap truck

Brickyard Hollow Brewing Co. Catering

At Brickyard Hollow, we offer a variety of catering services to suit any event, large or small. Our aim is to bring the comfort and quality of our dishes directly to you, making your gathering a memorable one with the convenience of our trusted service.

Traditional Catering: Local Delights Delivered

Menu Highlights

Our traditional catering brings the best of Brickyard Hollow’s menu to your event. Authentic flavors, lovingly prepared dishes, all just a phone call or email away.

Service Range

We proudly serve within a 25-mile radius of our nearest location, ensuring your food arrives delicious and on time.

Food Truck Catering: Hot, Fresh Craft Pizza Anywhere You Want

For a taste that travels, the BH Food Truck delivers hot, fresh craft pizza straight to your event. It’s a slice of Maine life, wherever you gather.

Delivery Information

Just like our beer truck, we’re on the move within a 60-mile radius, with the option to venture further for an added fee.

Menu Options

A mobile feast featuring our handcrafted pizzas, delectable appetizers, and salads—each dish is a conversation starter, each bite a memory in the making.

Beer Truck Catering: Craft Beer on Wheels

Bringing the Brickyard Hollow experience to you, our Beer Truck Catering combines Maine’s craft beer culture with the spirit of celebration. Picture a vintage truck, taps ready, pouring Brickyard Hollow’s finest brews right where you are.

Delivery Range

We roll out to your location, offering free delivery within a 60-mile radius of our home base. Planning something a bit further out? We can make that work too, with an additional fee.

Service Features

Our Beer Truck comes staffed and stocked. You’ll get a dedicated server pouring a curated selection of our signature beers, ensuring your event is flush with local flavor.

Catering to Our Community

Brickyard Hollow’s array of catering services is crafted to ensure quality and reliability for your special events. Whether you choose Traditional Catering, the mobile charm of our Beer Truck, or the roaming delights of our Food Truck, we bring the heart of Maine to you.