Looking for a Maine event venue for your next celebration? You already know that a night out at Brickyard Hollow is a great time, but what if we told you that you could multiply the fun by bringing your next celebration to Brickyard? We can accommodate large groups for birthday parties, reunions, and all kinds of other celebrations! With lots of flexibility, a fun atmosphere, delicious craft pizza, and beers on tap, Brickyard Hollow is sure to make your next event a success. 

Multiple fresh saladsDon’t Worry About Catering 

The last thing you want to worry about when planning an event is cooking a meal for your guests. We’ll take care of the food and brews when you host your next celebration at Brickyard. From specialty pizzas to locally crafted beers, there’s something for everyone! Adults can enjoy amazing beer, kids love our great pizzas, and your guests will be thrilled with a range of healthy salad and bowl options on the menu. We have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options to fit many dietary needs. You won’t have to stress over cooking for a large party or the clean-up afterward, just enjoy the day! 

Flexible Space

Our beautiful original location in historic downtown Yarmouth offers an ideal space for guest lists big and small. We can accommodate large parties or smaller gatherings.  We have plenty of space and seating options inside our dining room, or your guests can relax on the covered patio to enjoy the sunshine and some live music. Our indoor/outdoor floor plan is an excellent option for year-round celebrations, as you never know what Maine weather might bring. If you have a special idea for your next Brickyard event, let us know and we will figure out how to make it happen! 

Portland brickyard hollow brewing and pizzaGreat Atmosphere

Brickyard Hollow is a hyperlocal, community-based pub that is the perfect Maine event venue for your guests to get together and celebrate. Our modern, rustic design makes a great backdrop for photos and videos at any event, with a spacious floor plan ideal for mixing and mingling. We have more than just beer to keep your guests entertained. Everyone will have a great time at this family-friendly spot with kids options, games, live music, and much more! Whether you’re hosting a birthday, graduation, corporate team get-together, or any other occasion, Brickyard Hollow is an inviting and cozy spot to enjoy your gathering. 

Save Time And Money

Hosting your event at Brickyard Hollow is so much easier than celebrating at home! You don’t need to worry about hosting guests, setup, or cleanup. You won’t have to spend hours planning, shopping, and cooking a meal or figuring out what drinks to serve. All you need to do is show up and relax with your crew while we take care of the rest. Not to mention, making a reservation is much more cost-effective and much less expensive than hosting at a formal event space. 

Support Your Local Community

Brickyard Hollow is committed to the community. Our craft brewery is a space where people and organizations throughout Maine can gather to play music and hold events, meetings, and celebrations. We are especially passionate about raising awareness and funds about the importance of protecting Maine’s clean water. Our community fundraiser nights for local causes raise money for many organizations throughout Maine. Come be a part of it with us! We have plenty of space to host fundraisers and events for our communities. 

Entertaining is so much easier at Brickyard! We’ve given you the reasons to use our restaurants as your next Maine event venue. Now, all you have to do is work on your guest list and make a reservation for your next cool get-together.