Our talented brewers have been busy at our new brewing facility in New Gloucester. As we continue to evolve our core beer recipes, we’re thrilled to introduce the Opus Series—a collection of experimental pilot beers showcasing our innovation that will be available on tap at all Brickyard locations. We’re also announcing a special release supporting the Maine Brewer’s Guild. Keep reading to find out what’s new on tap this holiday season at Brickyard Hollow.


The Opus Series at Brickyard Hollow

Our New Gloucester facility is where the magic of Brickyard Hollow comes to life. With a substantial 30-barrel brewing setup, this location marks a significant increase in our brewing capacity, allowing us to expand our output and supply all eight locations. The facility is designed for future growth, with the potential to add more fermentation vessels, ensuring our ability to evolve and grow within the space. This newfound flexibility has enabled us to experiment and introduce more seasonal and limited-release brews to our lineup. Learn more about our new series of limited edition brews, the Opus Series, below!


Opus #1 

The first in our series of one-off pilot beers, this pale ale is heavily dry-hopped with Vic Secret hops grown in New Zealand. This beer presents with a dense pale haze and drinks like a hoppy glass of orange juice, with a 5.5% ABV.


Opus #2

As the second in our experimental series, Opus #2 is an American IPA. With a bitter yet smooth profile, it features tropical notes of melon and cantaloupe, delivering an easy-drinking, full-bodied experience at 6.6% ABV.

Opus #3

Experience a pale international lager with Opus #3, where corn and rice in the grain mill provide sweetness and high drinkability. Clear and crushable, it’s reminiscent of your favorite American lager.


Revamping Our Core Beers

Our talented brewers have been hard at work perfecting our core recipes, resulting in revamped beers for the new year.


Pratt’s Brook Pilsner

Pratt’s Brook Pilsner is a pale lager featuring bready maltiness in tandem with floral and herbal hop aromas. Hallertaver blanc hops give it a white wine characteristic that finishes crisp and clean. Light and bready with a 5.2% ABV


Trestle New England IPA

We’re finally brewing Trestle for the first time in-house! Trestle is our flagship and go-to NEIPA featuring an all-star dry-hop combo of Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic hops for a citrus-forward flavor. This 6.8% ABV beer has a moderate bitterness level with a full, creamy body and plenty of fruity hop aroma on top. 


Send It! New England Double IPA

Send It! Is a full-bodied New England Double IPA featuring Mosaic, Citra, and Idaho #7 hops. Presents a balance of dank pine and tropical fruit, giving this beer big “full send” flavors.


1901 Kölsch Style Ale

Brewed using 100% Maine-malted barley, this love letter to simpler times—and simpler beer—is a pale, clean, and crisp German-style Ale with subtle fruit & hop characteristics. Easily mistaken for a pilsner, and just as drinkable.


Maine Brewer’s Guild Collab

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Brickyard Hollow’s version of the Maine Brewers’ Guild 2023 Collaboration beer! This New England Pale Ale is brewed with donated ingredients from The Maine Malt House, Yakima Chief Hops, and Blue Ox Malthouse. Being a part of the Maine beer community is something we never take for granted, and we’re grateful to have gotten the chance to work with these local businesses to support a great cause.


About the Maine Brewer’s Guild Annual Collab Beer

Each year, breweries create unique beers with donated hops and malt. A portion of each sale goes to support the Maine Brewer’s Guild.


About the Maine Brewer’s Guild

The Maine Brewers’ Guild is a nonprofit devoted to supporting and safeguarding Maine’s craft beer scene. Established in 1986, Maine has been a pioneer in the craft beer movement, hosting over 170 breweries offering a wide range of styles. From New England IPAs to English ales, stouts, porters, and more, the state’s craft beer reflects a rich diversity. The Guild, operating as a 501(c)6 nonprofit since 1994, has a small team and a board elected by brewery members. Their goal is to celebrate and preserve Maine’s vibrant craft beer community. 


Look for these new brews coming to a Brickyard near you before the New Year, and make sure to follow our social media pages for more information on beers available at each location.