From better ingredients and taste to supporting a local Maine business, there are so many reasons to enjoy a Brickyard Hollow brew. We are proud to be a part of Maine’s exciting and ever-growing craft beer scene! While drinking better beer is always a plus, there is much more to local breweries than excellent beer. 

The Maine beer scene is absolutely thriving, and local communities are seeing the benefits. As of 2019, the Maine beer industry contributes $2 Billion annually to the state’s economy and has created over 15,000 jobs for Mainers. Keep reading to explore some of the ways Brickyard, as well as other craft breweries, have come to play an integral role in many local economies and communities.

A crowded tap room in brickyard hollow, with patrons enjoying seasonal beersBreweries Boost the Local Economy and Create Jobs

Even before a local brewery opens, it creates local employment opportunities. Constructing a brewery is a big undertaking that often requires work to be contracted out to electricians, plumbers, masons, construction crews, designers, and other local craftsmen and laborers. 

Once the brewery itself is ready for business, the day-to-day of a brewery is a complex operation that requires everything from beer-brewing to transportation to marketing and serving. This means a brewery creates a wide range of employment opportunities for the community. More and more breweries are also sourcing their products locally. This often includes many commodities such as ingredients, decorations, utensils, marketing materials, furniture, and more. 

Aside from creating jobs, breweries in Maine provide important tax revenue to help improve the state’s roads, infrastructure, and more. The Maine beer industry alone generates $368 million annually in business, personal and consumption taxes. So, in multiple ways, breweries help to improve local cities and towns. 

Tourism Draw

Tourism is an extremely important economic engine in Maine, as it plays a large role in the state’s output and tax revenues each year and supports 1/5th of Maine jobs. Successful breweries have become a huge draw for tourists over the past decade, and brewery-driven travel has become increasingly popular. According to the Maine Office of Tourism, Maine attracted over 15 million visitors in 2021. 29% of those visitors reported visiting local brew pubs and craft breweries. Craft breweries are one of the many ways in which communities can reaffirm their local identity and attract tourists. 

At Brickyard Hollow, we pride ourselves on bringing people together. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Brickyard is a place for delicious food, local brews, and an authentic experience that Maine residents and visitors alike can enjoy. 

A “Third Place”

In his influential book The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg defines the term “third place” as a place where people spend their time aside from the first place (home) and second place (work).

He argues that third places are important for civil society, democracy, civic engagement, and establishing feelings of a sense of belonging. Being recognized as a third place, breweries have become fun, inclusive meeting places and event venues for community members of all ages.  

Our Brickyard community is made up of such a vibrant, supportive group of people, and our goal is to provide them a place to call their own. We want Brickyard Hollow to be your third place outside of your home and work, a place to gather for some laughs and quality time with family and friends or come together and support local causes while enjoying great local small-batch beer and food. Stop by any of our locations to experience the third place feel where everyone is part of the family. 

Supporting Local Artists and Giving Back to the Community

Local breweries are great venues to support local artists. A brewery can be the perfect spot to host open mic nights, host live music, hang local artists’ paintings, or put on other events to promote artists in their area. Brickyard Hollow is one example of a local brewery that is dedicated to giving back. Brickyard frequently hosts local artists, musicians, and organizations to play music, hold events, and celebrate the community. Brickyard Hollow holds community fundraiser nights to raise money for organizations throughout Maine. We are proud to contribute to the communities that love and support us. 

Support Your Local Brewery

Not only does the beer market keep revenue circulating throughout the state, but local Maine communities of all sizes also benefit from the brewing industry. Brickyard Hollow is a multi-location brewing operation based in Yarmouth, Maine. Our breweries include rotating craft beers on tap and inventive menus to pair them with. By supporting local craft beer in Maine, you’re contributing to the local Maine economy while enjoying a brew above the rest! Check out one of our five locations to experience all we have to offer!