Is there a big difference between local craft beer and industrial-scale brews? It’s all beer, isn’t it? We don’t think so.

Craft beer not only tastes better (obviously) and offers much more variety, but supporting local breweries like Brickyard Hollow is a great way to boost your local economy and support a small business. Keep reading for 10 reasons you should drink craft beer at your local Brickyard Hollow.

Just poured IPA in a Brickyard Hollow glass1. Better taste 

Local craft beer has a rich and more flavorful taste than mass-produced beer, which can often be watery and tasteless. Brickyard Hollow takes pride in the quality and flavor of our brews, taking the time to listen to the community’s requests, use local and fresh ingredients, and constantly improving the quality of our beer. 

2. Variety

Craft beer gives you more choices than the usual beers sold by major brewers. When you choose craft beer at Brickyard, you’ll get to experience unique beer styles and flavors. With 12 taps and growing, we have a variety of brews to suit just about every palate! Our typical menu features a range of ales, IPAs, browns, lagers, and stouts.

You can also pick up a four-pack in-house at one of our locations or at one of the many locations throughout Maine that carry our beer. We also offer growlers in two sizes: 32 oz and 64 oz, perfect for a get-together with friends at home!

3. Different Beers for Different Seasons

Most beer lovers agree that certain beer just seems right, depending on the season. There is something special about enjoying a stout or porter by the fireplace on a cold winter night or relaxing on the beach with a crisp pale ale or crushable IPA in the summertime. Brickyard Hollow produces many seasonal craft beers throughout the year, using only the best flavors and ingredients. No matter the time of year, we promise to have plenty of excellent beers to fall in love with. 

4. Support a Small Business 

When you choose to drink at a local brewery, you’re supporting a small business, but more importantly, a local business. Local businesses are lifelines for Maine communities and the Maine economy. By supporting Brickyard, you’re helping your local craft beer industry grow. 

5. Support Your Local Economy 

Drinking local brews helps to support your local economy by aiding local farmers, creating more employment opportunities in your community, and keeping money in your locality. 

6. Give Back to Your Community

One of Brickyard’s greatest joys is being able to give back to the community that supports us. From supporting local artists and musicians to participating in community nights where a portion of the proceeds goes to a local charity, there are many ways you can get involved and feel good about drinking local. Get in touch with us to see what community events are happening at your local Brickyard Hollow!

7. Lesser Environmental Impact

Drinking local beer is much better for the environment than drinking mass-produced beer that’s transported across the country before it gets to you. By sourcing locally whenever possible, as well as brewing and distributing locally, Brickyard has a much smaller carbon footprint than major brewers. 

8. The Experience 

Brickyard Hollow was created to be a place where the community could come together and share their love of great craft beer and food while supporting local causes. When you visit one of our five locations, you’ll consistently experience an inclusive and fun environment where everyone is part of the family. Stop by any of our locations to join the good vibes! 

9. Food Pairings 

Craft beer and delicious food go hand in hand. Not only is Brickyard known for our on-tap selection, but we also have tasty craft pizza, salads and bowls, and tons of other yummy options on our menus! We can accommodate gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options to fit many dietary needs. Check out your local Brickyard menu to see our ever-changing and seasonal offerings. 

10. Host Events

Looking for a great venue to host a luncheon, fundraiser, baby shower, or professional event? Host your next event at Brickyard Hollow! Our flagship Yarmouth Brewpub location offers a flexible and family-friendly space with kids’ options, games, live music, and much more! Our new Ogunquit location is a great spot (right by the beach!) for guests to socialize, celebrate, and enjoy craft beer and food. Contact us to make a reservation for your next event! 

So, there you have it! There are so many reasons why drinking local craft beer is just better, especially at Brickyard Hollow! We love being a part of Maine’s beer community. Show us some love by following and tagging us on Facebook and Instagram!