If you’re looking for a new craft beer to try this season, look no further than Brickyard Hollow! Located throughout Maine, Brickyard Hollow offers a wide selection of beers that satisfy any beer lover. Whether you’re looking for a crisp Kolsch or a hoppy IPA, our classic brews are always in season! In this blog, we’ll highlight six of our favorite brews to try this season.

Brickyard Hollow’s Flagship Craft Beer: The Trestle IPA

First up on our list of Brickyard’s must-try craft beer is one of our original efforts of continuing the proud Yarmouth tradition of bringing people together, the Trestle IPA. The Yarmouth trestle bridge is made of wood and iron and was built in the 1870s. Brickyard Hollow’s Trestle IPA is full-bodied, juicy, and hazy. Our flagship beer is generously hopped with Citra and Amarillo, giving a citrus-forward flavor with light notes of hoppy pine on the finish. IPAs are floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney, or resinous. This beer style is all about hop flavor, aroma, and bitterness. An IPA is a great choice to counterbalance salty, fried, and heavy foods. The citrus flavor notes of a Trestle offer an excellent equalizer to heavier dishes.

Send It! DIPA

Whether you’re about to bomb a black diamond, grind a 5.9, or launch a booter on your new MTB, Mainers are all about the challenge! Risk versus reward is never an option. When in doubt-Send It! Send It! DIPA is bittered with Chinook Hops, and dry-hopped with Mosaic and Galaxy hops, giving this beer a piney, tropical fruit-dank balance. Send It! pairs well with grilled pork, chicken, or spicy dishes. Enjoy a Send It! with your charcuterie as it brings out all the nuances of strong cheeses like blue or sharp cheddar.

1901 Kolsch

The original Maine state flag of 1901 consisted of a green pine tree and a blue “North Sta.”. The tree is a native symbol of New England and freedom. The star appeared on the flag since Maine was considered the northern state. 1901 is a crisp, delicately-balanced German-style pale ale with subtle fruit and hop character. Our 1901 Kolsch is Brewed with 100% Maine malted barley and wheat from Blue Ox Malthouse. This beer pairs with salads and lighter dishes, bringing out the flavors and promoting a delicate fruity taste. Cleanse your palate with carbonation between bites of your favorite flatbread or pizza.

Wescustogo Stout

Wescustogo, the Wabanaki name for the Royal River and its surrounding area, means “muddy.” The marine clay soil forms a large part of the Royal River’s watershed, creating the chocolate-brown water running through the heart of Yarmouth Village. Jet black in appearance, Wescustogo boasts a roasted coffee bean aroma and flavor, as well as notes of bittersweet chocolate. This decadent stout finishes dry with a trace of lingering piney hop bitterness. Wescustogo Pairs brilliantly with steak, burgers, and chili. This is an excellent beer for cooler spring nights in Maine!

Blueberry Delight Milkshake IPA

Did you know that blueberries are Maine’s state fruit, and Maine has over 40,000 acres of wild blueberries? These blueberries have about half the amount of sugar as cultivated berries but are often considered sweeter. They also make great watercolor paint! Brickyard Hollow’s Blueberry Delight Milkshake IPA is a super hazy, creamy, full-bodied IPA with a big blueberry aroma and flavor, low bitterness, and a vanilla finish. It pairs well with the creamy, buttery texture of cheeses such as brie, goat, and burrata. Pair Blueberry Delight with salmon, scallops, clams, and herbed white meats for dinner.

West Side Trail Ale

The West Side Trail in Yarmouth has over ten miles of trails connected to most of the town. Single-track cycling, dog walking, running, and bird watching are just some of the activities this trail offers. The West Side Trail Ale is a medium-bodied, American Brown Ale with rich notes of chocolate and dark fruit flavors. West Side has a smooth mouthfeel thanks to the generous addition of oats, with a dry and hoppy finish. A nutty roasted flavor makes brown ales ideal for pairing with grilled red meats. The surface char grabs hold of the roasted malt while caramel notes compliment the sweetness of the meat.

Where To Find Brickyard Hollow Craft Beer Near Portland, Maine

As the weather warms, now is the perfect time to enjoy Brickyard Hollow craft beer near Portland, Maine. Our extensive beer list offers a variety of brews to suit just about every palate. Visit one of our locations throughout southern Maine to sit down and enjoy a local craft beer and delicious food using local ingredients. In a hurry or on your way to a destination? Stop by one of our locations and grab a growler or 4-pack and a craft pizza! You can also pick up cans at one of the many locations throughout Maine that carry Brickyard. Check out our beer locator to see where you can find Brickyard beer near you.

Our draft and availability often change as we shift our offerings to new releases and seasonal beers, and we sell out of some brews, so please contact a location for the current lineup.