The holiday season has officially begun, and so has planning for holiday parties and other winter events. Organizing any event can be stressful, especially during such a busy time of year. Hosting a large group of guests, setting up your home or workplace, and cooking for a crowd with many different wants and needs can be time-consuming and overwhelming. How about you skip the stress and head to a local Brickyard Hollow instead? From large parties to smaller gatherings, we have a space to fit your needs. We’re here to help you create an event to remember by providing ample space, a variety of excellent craft beers, and a full menu to suit any palate. Keep reading to learn more about hosting events at Brickyard Hollow!

Winter Events At Brickyard Hollow’s Indoor Venues

From corporate events to holiday parties and everything in between, Brickyard is happy to host you and your guests. 

Corporate Events

Your office is a great space for promoting a healthy work environment and productivity. However, it’s most likely not the most exciting place to host a corporate holiday party. This year, change things up and throw a corporate event to remember at Brickyard Hollow! Your employees will appreciate the new scenery, and they’ll be excited to mingle and celebrate outside of the office. We’ll take care of the space, food, and brews, so all you need to do is show up. Head to our website to find a Brickyard location near you to hold your next corporate event.

Holiday Parties

Planning a holiday party may sound fun in theory, but usually causes unnecessary stress. Why should you worry about cooking and cleaning for a crowd during this busy time of year? Let Brickyard Hollow help you throw the perfect holiday party that your guests will talk about for years to come. We have ample space for your guests to enjoy each other’s company, play games, listen to music, eat, drink, and be merry. The best part? The cooking and cleanup are left to us! 

New Years Parties

After the craziness of the holiday season, planning and hosting a New Year’s party may not be within your bandwidth. Opt for a laid-back and stress-free party at your local Brickyard Hollow. Your guests are most likely tired by this point in the year and will appreciate being able to celebrate and have fun without the pressure of providing a side, beer, or other party supplies. 

Family Reunions

If your family is spread out across the state or even the country, bringing your relatives together in a relaxed event space like Brickyard Hollow is the perfect way to ring in the new year. You won’t need to worry about hosting family at your home, and our rotating menus have something for every member of the family. Get the family together, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Brickyard Hollow Off-Site Catering Services

Have you already booked your indoor venue but still need to feed your guests? Bring your occasion to the next level with Brickyard Hollow catering! Get in contact with us to plan before the event, and we’ll supply local craft pizza and other delicious Brickyard fare that all of your guests will love. Contact us to inquire about our catering menu and services. 

Why Host Your Party At An Indoor Venue?

Hold Events Year Round 

A drastic change in weather can quickly ruin any celebration. Brickyard Hollow can hold events rain, snow, or shine! You can rely on us to provide a cozy, climate-controlled venue with a cheerful atmosphere for all of your upcoming winter occasions. Plan ahead and organize your event for 2023!

Ample Amenities

Brickyard has all of the necessary amenities needed to host an event to remember. From a full-service bar to local craft beer on tap, we have the drinks covered. Our tasty menus feature seasonal options and can fit many dietary needs for each guest to find something they love. Save yourself the headache of setup and cleanup and focus on enjoying your event.

Keep It Simple

Instead of hiring multiple vendors for food, beverages, and venue, make planning and communication easier for yourself by keeping every aspect of the gathering at one location. 

Book Your End Of Year Event At Brickyard Hollow

Whether you want to rent out an entire brickyard location, or a private space for your next gathering, we have a local Brickyard location to fit your needs and budget. All you need to do is work on your guest list and make a reservation for one of our indoor venue spaces. Please note reservations require a minimum of 10 people or more.