According to a study conducted from 2018 to 2020, one in five children in Maine is food insecure. Today, Feeding America reports 1 in 6 Maine children lack access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life and may not know where or when they will receive their next meal. That number equates to about 40,000 Maine children. Their research also shows that food insecurity heavily affects learning, physical health, mental health, and behavior. 

With our community at the forefront of everything we do at Brickyard Hollow, these statistics do not sit well with us. To address this pressing issue, we’ve teamed up with an incredible Maine non-profit organization, Full Plates Full Potential, to raise awareness and funds to fight childhood food insecurity in Maine by partnering with local restaurants and chefs to create unique pizzas every month. Keep reading to learn more about our initiative and how you can enjoy delicious pizza and beer for a good cause! 

About Full Plates Full Potential

Full Plates Full Potential is on a mission to end Maine’s child hunger and food insecurity. The organization works to maximize access to USDA Child Nutrition Programs, which are commonly known as school lunches, school breakfasts, after-school meals, and summer meals. These programs offer free meals to every child who needs them.

Since its inception in 2014, Full Plates Full Potential has granted more than $3 million to child nutrition programs in every Maine county! This Maine non-profit works to provide technical resources and financial assistance to schools and communities across Maine to help feed kids while advocating for the systematic changes necessary to ensure that all children in our state have consistent access to nutritious meals. 

Pizza With Potential Initiative At Brickyard Hollow

Each month we will partner with a different restaurant/chef on a unique pizza collaboration. We want to create a phenomenal and exciting pizza each month using ingredients and knowledge from both restaurants. We’re donating $1 for every Pizza With Potential sold at participating locations! In addition to our donation, the partnering restaurant will carry our beer for the month and donate $1 of each beer sold to Full Plates Full Potential. 

To kick off 2023, we partnered with Wilson County Barbecue in Portland, Maine, known for its delicious and authentic Southern-style dishes. Our January collab was highly successful, and we’re looking forward to the coming months of Pizza With Potential. 

Pizza With Potential Featured In News Center Maine

Brickyard Hollow’s Pizza With Potential initiative was featured in News Center Maine! With the news coverage happening In the early stages of our collaboration, We were further able to raise awareness of this pressing issue, gain more local support, and feel even more connected to our community. Thank you, News Center Maine!

To us, Pizza With Potential is a unique and innovative way to address childhood hunger in Maine and support local restaurants and chefs at the same time. We hope that our monthly pizza and beer collaboration will inspire other businesses to join the cause and make a difference in the lives of Maine Children!

Buffalo chicken mac and cheese pizzaFebruary Pizza With Potential Collaboration: The Great Lost Bear

Our February Pizza With Potential collab is with The Great Lost Bear, a local staple of the Portland, Maine, food scene for over 40 years! The Bear is known for its delicious mac & cheese and comforting pub food classics. Brickyard Hollow is excited to introduce The Great Lost Bear pizza of the month, a combination of The Great Lost Bear’s signature mac & cheese and tangy buffalo chicken and Brickyard Hollow’s artisanal crust and sauces. The pizza will be available at Brickyard’s locations in Portland, Ogunquit, Yarmouth, and Freeport.

In addition to supporting Full Plates through our pizza sales, The Great Lost Bear will carry Brickyard Hollow’s beer for the month and donate $1 from every beer sold to Full Plates. This partnership represents a win-win for both businesses involved, allowing us to showcase our culinary skills, reach new customers, and positively impact the community! 

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Our goal at Brickyard Hollow is to provide a great spot to enjoy delicious food and beer while, more importantly, getting involved with our community! For the latest updates on our monthly Pizza With Potential, new brew releases and menu items, upcoming events, and more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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Do you know of a local restaurant or chef who would like to support Full Plates Full Potential by becoming a part of the Pizza With Potential initiative? Let us know!