Planning and organizing an event is a large task regardless of the size. There is so much to think about beforehand, such as your guest list, venue, entertainment, and, most importantly, making sure your guests are well-fed! A lot of thought and stress can go into deciding what you will serve at your event. You must know the approximate amount of guests, figure out what you’d like to serve, and factor in the cleanup process afterward. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about cooking when you can order delicious craft pizza from Brickyard Hollow. You can order online for pick up or have pizza delivered to your venue! From a small gathering to a large corporate event, Brickyard Hollow Catering will take care of the food at your next function so you can focus on enjoying the day. 

Corporate Events

Pizza catering from Brickyard Hollow is an excellent option for a corporate event, as it’s easy and convenient. When your guests are mingling or quickly moving to and from meetings, you want them to be able to walk around with their food if they need to. Brickyard pizza allows you to provide many options to ensure everyone will get something they enjoy. Your staff will be full, satisfied, and ready for the next activity on the agenda. If you’re looking for Portland event catering for your next corporate occasion, Brickyard Hollow is the perfect choice. 


Celebrating a graduation is a great way to get friends and family together to recognize a special milestone. Throwing a pizza party for your graduate will add to a fun and casual atmosphere and ensure the catering is stress-free. Not to mention the cleanup process will be quick and effortless for the host! If you need pizza catering at your next graduation party, Brickyard Hollow can deliver their craft pizzas to your door so you can sit back and focus on celebrating. 

Delicious pizzasFamily Reunions and Gatherings

Serving pizza at your family reunion can be far more than just a practical choice. This is a great way to promote interaction! Your guests can easily move around and catch up with each other as they eat, and they don’t need to worry about providing a dish. Brickyard Hollow pizza is versatile and can accommodate dietary restrictions, even your gluten-free guests. When you utilize Brickyard Hollow Catering at your next family gathering, you’re giving your family the gift of more time with their loved ones while enjoying a meal instead of worrying about putting together a meal. 

Birthday Parties

Planning birthday parties can be a lot of fun, but between decorating and coordinating with your vendors, cooking might be the last thing you want to do. Let Brickyard Hollow Catering do the hard work for you, so you can tend to other things. Are you worried about providing different choices for children and adults at the party? No matter the age of your guests, kids and adults will enjoy tasty craft pizza from Brickyard.

If you have little ones at your party, they’ll want something quick and easy so they can keep playing and having fun with their friends. Pizza catering is a fantastic grab-and-go choice for the kiddos. You can rely on Brickyard Hollow Catering to make your birthday party planning much more manageable. 

Holiday Parties

Hosting any holiday party can be demanding, especially when it comes to serving your guests. You could spend hours planning and stressing over a menu that will accommodate all of your visitors, shopping for ingredients during busy holiday times, and preparing complex meals. Pizza catering from Brickyard Hollow will save you the time and effort of having to prepare a meal yourself, so you can appreciate your party and spend time with family and friends. Pizza catering will also prevent you from wasting food or the embarrassment of not having enough food for your guests. Catering your next holiday party is as easy as ordering our craft pizzas for pick up or having Brickyard delivered right to your door. 

Events are supposed to be fun and enjoyable – both before and the day of. With an endless list of things to do, that can be difficult if you’re the one putting on the occasion. As a host, you deserve to be mingling with your guests, not hiding away in the kitchen. Catering from Brickyard will save you time, work for almost any budget, can feed a large number of guests, and be customized for many different tastes and dietary needs. The next time you’re looking for event catering in the Portland area, consider Brickyard Hollow.