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Our Skowhegan location is a community gathering place for everyone featuring the great local craft beer and hand-crafted pizza you love! Our Skowhegan pub is located in the heart of historic downtown. We’re so proud to bring the signature craft pizza and local brews that have made Brickyard Hollow such a success to this historic Maine city.

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After getting your fill of food and drink, consider strolling through the historic downtown of Skowhegan. It remains an incredible display of architecturally significant buildings with over 35 registered historical landmarks primarily constructed between 1890 and 1910. Skowhegan is frequently found on lists of must-see national architectural destinations!

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Explore the rich history of Skowhegan, a town steeped in tradition and natural beauty. The name Skowhegan, derived from the Abenaki language, means “Place to Watch” and is a fitting description for this scenic town. Skowhegan was once home to the Skowhegan Falls, a 28-foot waterfall cascading down the Kennebeck river. The falls were a popular fishing spot for the tribe, who would catch abundant salmon and other fish species during the spring and summer months.

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Skowhegan’s history is not just limited to its natural wonders; it was also a thriving industrial town, thanks to its water power source at the Skowhegan Falls. Textile production and mills were the backbones of the town’s economy in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, Skowhegan continues to honor its past while embracing progress and innovation. See for yourself why Skowhegan is a place to watch!


If you’re visiting the area, make sure not to miss out on some of the interesting sights and fun activities in this historic town that offers visitors a glimpse into the past and a chance to explore the natural beauty of Maine.

The Skowhegan Historic District, added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s, is a 19th-century commercial heart of the town that boasts many architectural treasures. The Flat Iron District, bordered by the Kennebec River, features 38 historically important buildings, including the Municipal Building, designed by John Calvin Stevens.

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The Skowhegan History House Museum & Research Center on Elm Street is a Greek Revival Cottage that takes visitors back in time to life in Skowhegan in the 19th century. The museum is filled with antiques and furniture from the past, and the gardens feature plants that would have been found in local gardens during that time.

The Skowhegan Indian Monument, a 62-foot tall sculpture of an Indian clutching a fish trap, is a creation of local sculptor Bernard Langlais. Erected in 1969 to mark the 150th Anniversary of the State of Maine, the monument was restored in 2014 after deteriorating due to the Maine climate.

The Yankee Woodlot Trail, beginning at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Office on County Drive, offers a chance to explore the terrain and vegetation of Maine. The trail is mainly wooded, with black cherry, hemlock, spruce, and apple trees along the way. The trail also features a pond and quotes from poets and philosophers that relate to woodland regions, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. Skowhegan is a perfect destination for visitors looking to experience the history, culture, and natural beauty of Maine.