Host a Community Night with Brickyard Hollow

Turning Pints into Support

Brickyard Hollow isn’t just about crafting exceptional beer—it’s about crafting community. Community Night with Brickyard is more than an event. It’s a weekly bridge connecting our patrons to the causes that matter. By hosting a Community Night at Brickyard, your organization can tap into a night of support, camaraderie, and significant fundraising potential.

How it Works

  • Apply: Reach out to us using the form below with your name, mission, desired event location and date, and a brief overview of how the night will benefit your cause.
  • Plan: Collaborate with our dedicated team to tailor the event to your organization’s needs, ensuring a successful and impactful evening.
  • Promote: Spread the word, engage the community, and maximize attendance.
  • Celebrate: Host your event at a Brickyard Hollow location, where a percentage of the night’s sales will contribute directly to your cause.
Host a Community Night with Brickyard Hollow
Host a Community Night with Brickyard Hollow

Ready to Make a Difference? Schedule a Community Night with Brickyard!

We’re here to make it happen if you’re looking to harness the power of community and craft beer for a good cause. Let’s plan your Community Night. Remember, we ask for at least four weeks’ notice to ensure your event is successful.

Together, We Brew Better. Join us in our journey to strengthen Maine’s communities, one pint at a time.

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